Distribution Classifier

Lead Matching

Lead Matching allows Distribution Engine to determine whether a lead relates to existing Accounts, Contacts or other Leads already in your Salesforce organization.


The Distribution Engine territory classifier is used to simplify your assignment logic by cleaning messy address data and stamping your records with simple territory values. It automatically creates tags for each territory. Assign territory tags to team members to easily distribute based on territory.

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Lead Auto-Conversion

Auto-conversion provides the capability to automatically convert incoming Leads into Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities, as if they have been converted using the manual Salesforce convert action. This conversion can be universal, or a series of rules can be created to define different actions depending on the Lead.

Distribution Classifier - Introduction

The Distribution Engine Classifier is used to simplify your distribution logic by stamping your records with territory and matching information before assignment. The Classifier currently has three p…

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Once the Classifier has been configured for Territories, Lead Matching or Auto-Conversion and has been enabled, it will begin matching on all newly created records. If you are assigning or reassignin…

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