Upgrading Distribution Engine

Like Salesforce the Distribution Engine application will be updated several times per year to provide new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Upgrades take place from the AppExchange and follow the same process as your initial install. Salesforce will know this is an upgrade and will apply the latest version onto your existing installation without any loss of data or functionality.

  • The upgrade process is quick and simple and will not result in any downtime to your teams.
  • Major upgrades will be announced via email, with no less than 30 days for customers to manually install before an automatic install will occur to production
  • Minor patches and bug fixes will be automatically pushed as required.


To apply the update please follow the steps below.

  • Ensure permission sets are applied to your users - Permission sets are automatically updated so ensure you are using them correctly by following the Adding permission sets steps.
  • Get the update from AppExchange All installs and updates take place from the Distribution Engine AppExchange listing. Simply click the Get it Now button and follow the installation process steps.
  • Grant login access to NC Squared - optional step but you may be asked to grant login access so the NC Squared team can check your setup is correct and running smoothly. Grant login access.
You must be a System Administrator to perform an upgrade.

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