Stamp Rejection

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Stamp rejection allows different rejection behaviors to be defined for each stamp assigned to the record from the custom classification process. This allows for a single team to intelligently route rejected records to different users or queues, update different fields and have different settings for replacing rejected records.

Enabling Stamp Rejection

Stamp rejection can be enabled on any team that distributes an object that there is at least one Stamp Group created for. To enable Stamp rejection, first navigate to the Assignment Rejection page for the team, and select the Team-level tab. From there, ensure that Assignment Rejection is enabled and select 'Switch to Stamp Rejection' in the top right of the screen.

Switching between stamp and standard rejection will cause you to lose some of the distributor level configuration.

To begin configuring rejection, you must select which stamp group you want to use for rejection. You can chose from any stamp group associated with the distributed object for that team.

Rejection Configurations


Unlike standard rejection, which allows you to define a behavior for rejection for each distributor within a team, stamp rejection allows you to define the behavior for one or more stamps, grouped in a configuration.

Each configuration defines the following:

  • Stamps - Each configuration must apply to at least one stamp from the stamp group. Each stamp can belong to only one configuration. There is no upper limit for the number of stamps on each configuration.
  • Reject To - Where any records with the above stamps will be rejected to, this can be a user or a queue.
  • Update fields on Rejection - Optionally update up to three fields on the record when it's rejected.
  • Replace rejected records - This option determines whether Distribution Engine will attempt to offer substitute assignments after an assignment is rejected.
Additional options for replacing rejected records are found on the Distributor Settings for Round Robin Distributors.

Multiple Matching Stamps

If a record has multiple matching stamps (from a stamp group that allows multiple stamps), then the highest priority rejection configuration will be used. To re-order rejection configurations, select 'Reorder configurations'.

Distributor Settings

You can enable or disable assignment rejection for each individual Distributor by going to the 'Distributor-level' tab of Assignment rejection. With stamp rejection enabled, you can see which distributors have rejection enabled. You can click on a row to open the side panel, which reveals the following controls:

  • Enable assignment rejection - Allows records assigned by the distributor to be rejected
  • Remove sticky from rejected records (Sticky Only) - When rejecting a sticky record, this field determines if the sticky will be removed from all records, newly sticky records or never removed.
  • Replace rejected records (Round Robin Only) - If replacement is enabled for a configuration, this setting allows you to define whether the replacement will be the distributor's next assignment, or whether it will replace on the user's next turn in the round robin.

You will also be able to see which stamps have been configured to use rejection for that team.

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