Assigning Contacts - Pairing SDRs and AEs

This is a use case specific to assigning contacts already linked to accounts. Some customers have inbound contacts (e.g. those updated by tools such as Pardot) which need to be followed up by an SDR. These SDRs are often paired with specific AEs. In this example we'll show how multiple SDRs can support one AE, and have contacts evenly distributed amongst each pod of SDRs.

Step 1 - bring the AE name onto the contact

The contact is already linked to the account so we just need to bring down the AE's name as a formula field so we can use it in DE.

  • Create a new formula field called Account Executive on contact
  • Formula return type text
  • Enter a formula to copy the AE's name from the account E.g.

Account.Account_Executive__r.FirstName & ' ' & Account.Account_Executive__r.LastName


Step 2 - create tags for each AE

In order for multiple SDRs to receive contacts for the same AE we're going to assign tags of the AE's name to multiple SDRs

  • Create a new tag collection called Supported AEs
  • Enter tag values for the names of each AE and save
  • Assign these AE names to whichever SDRs are supporting each


Step 3 - Create team / distributor to assign tags

We now have all the pieces in place we just need a team for our SDRs.

  • Create a new Distribution team for assigning Contacts
  • Add your SDRs to the team
  • Create a new distributor
  • In the team member filter, connect the Account Executive field we created in Step 1, to the Supported AE tag collection we created in Step 2.

Your team will now select contacts to be assigned and allocate them out evenly based on the AEs each SDR is supporting






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