Assignment Field

By default Distribution Engine will assign to the standard Salesforce owner field. However, in some more advanced use cases you may want to use a different field to denote assignment. 

Distribution Engine offers the ability to create a team that assigns records from and to any user lookup field on the record. For example, you might want to assign an Account Manager for an account without changing the Account Owner. Or add an Assigned SDR user to an opportunity rather than changing the opportunity owner. 

This action can only be changed where there are no distributors already set up.


On the team settings page you will find the assignment field. This shows all user lookup fields on the object being distributed.


Each distributor will distribute from a user or status instead of a queue (because queues only work for Owner ID).

The field being looked at is the user lookup field you've selected as your assignment field.

We recommend using a user that will never be permanently assigned this type of record. Many of our customers use an admin or integration user for this.

A user that is already a Team Member cannot be used to distribute from. This is to prevent assignments from getting stuck in a loop. 


In addition, if you are using the auto reassignment or reject assignment features, you'll need to configure which user those records will be assigned to. In most cases, our customers use the same user as Distribute from user. 




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