Enforce Cap for Manually Assigned Records

Distribution Engine offers team level caps for the records that it assigns, but in some cases, our customers need to assign records manually while maintaining team level caps.  For example, a customer may assign some leads or cases manually as a result of incomplete information that might prohibit Distribution Engine from assigning the record correctly.

To accomplish this, we'll need to have some items setup in your org first;  you'll need to enable Trigger Distributors, create a team with team level caps, and add all the users that you will be manually assigning records to the team as team members. If you haven't used trigger distributors before you'll need to contact support have this feature enabled.

All of the users that receive manually assigned records will need to be active and team members of the team where the trigger distributor is created to have the team level caps apply.

Once everything listed above is set up, navigate to the team you will be manually assigning records to and click the drop down on the button Add Distributor to access the Add Trigger Distributor button. Alternatively, if you already have a trigger distributor, you can click Add Trigger Distributor from the Trigger Distributors tab.


Then you'll create the trigger distributor using the current owner algorithm. This algorithm will leave the record with the owner but will apply the distribution engine tracking, SLAs and caps.



Last, the "Trigger enabled" checkbox (included in the Distribution Engine application) will need to be checked after the record is manually assigned. The box can be checked manually or by using Salesforce automation, like a Flow that fires from a status update when the record is assigned manually.


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