Batch mode

A new batch mode has been created to allow assignment of large volumes of records. Standard Distribution Engine modes are limited to a maximum of 500 records per distributor per run by default. The batch mode will not have this limit.

The new batch mode does not require any changes to your team / distributor configuration - it will run the existing setup using batch jobs in Salesforce, enabling it to process large volumes. 

You will be able to switch between modes as needed by changing the processing mode. For example when doing a bulk reassign of old leads you may switch to batch mode and then switch back again. 

Batch mode will initially be limited to running hourly to avoid overloading orgs which already use batch jobs heavily. 


Load balancing enhancements

The load balancing algorithm has been enhanced in Dragon to include:

  • Load balancing on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Weighted load balancing (using sliders or tag based weighting)
  • Distributor / team level balancing
  • Can be used in combination with existing DE features including tagging / sticky
  • Global settings to include sticky, lookup, and pull assignments in load balancing calculations


Tag based weighting

In addition to the individual weighting sliders its now possible to control weighting by tag.

Weighting was previously controlled by sliders - one slider per team member. This Individual weighting feature will remain, and in addition Dragon offers a new tag based weighting feature. The tag based weighting feature allows you to select a tag collection to use the weighting and then enter a weighting between 0.25 and 4 for selected tags. 


Assignment rejection enhancements

Chameleon included an assignment rejection feature which allowed reps to reject assignments from Distribution Logs tab or the inline Visualforce page. However it did not allow control over where rejected records are sent. 

Assignment rejection now allows selection of which queue rejected records are sent to and an optional field update. 


Action Tracking Enhancements

Dragon includes 3 updates to action tracking -

  • Tracking multiple values of a picklist as an OR
  • Selecting what picklist value to auto-set on event or task creation 
  • Choose whether to respect distribution hours

More details on each:

Tracking multiple values of a picklist as an OR

Previously it was only possible to track the time from assignment to one picklist value. E.g. time until Status on lead changes to Contacted. Its now possible to multi-select values E.g. track the time to Contacted or Qualified or UnQualified. Any of these values will trigger the time to action to be set. 

Selecting what picklist value to auto-set on event or task creation 

The auto-action on task sets the picklist being used for action tracking. Now there are mulitple picklist values being tracked you need to decide which value it should be set to when an event or task is logged.

Choose whether to respect distribution hours

Action tracking now allows you to control whether or not the tracking respects the hours of the team, the team member or neither. 


Alerting enhancements

There are a number of enhancements to the alerting (aka deadlines) feature. These are designed to increase the flexibility of the feature. 

  • Don’t require alert 1 to be cleared for alert 2 to be fired  (bug fix)
    • This change will be for all new and previously created multi-level alerts 
  • Add ability to choose which alert to trigger auto-reassign on the distributor
  • Alert number on the logs
  • Backwards compatibility – auto-ressign set to alert 1 for any existing distributors with auto-reassign
  • UI change - move alerts to the new tracking sub-tab on team summary


Widget pull enhancements

Enhancements to the widget pull distributor:

  • Removal of the alert javascript box after being assigned a record using pull from the widget. This has been replaced with a notification in the page. 
  • Automatic re-try where a pull fails.  This happens silently but it will make the feature more robust where temporary errors such as locking exceptions may have previously caused the pull request to fail.


Lookup owner enhancements

Some enhancements to the lookup owner algorithm have been added. 

  • Allow matching on ID fields. Previously only text fields could be used when matching using lookup owner. This has now been expanded to allow ID field to ID field matching. E.g. Account ID
  • Assign to parent fields. Previously where a match was found assignments could only be made to user lookup fields on the target object. Its now possible to assign to user fields on the parent object. E.g. when matching to contact you can assign to the account owner (since account is a parent of contact) rather than just the contact owner.




Chameleon included the option to filter by campaign in addition to filtering by fields. Dragon improves the UI of this feature to allow searching campaigns in the picklist. The picklist will show the 1,000 most recent campaigns.


Frequency selection 

On the Distribution Settings tab, in the frequency picklist a new "Fast as possible" mode has been added. This will run approximately every minute (depending on org performance).

Choosing this option will switch DE to queueable mode to run. 


Distribution delete specific rows

It was previously only possible to delete the last row in a filter. Its now possible to delete any row in the filter.


Distribution hours - copy to all

Instead of entering hours for each day of the week you can now enter one set of hours and copy to all other days.






Widget session timeout handling

If the controller returns a time out. Show a “Looks like your session has timed out” message “please refresh your browser”.


OoO calendar team view problem

Timezone issue - timings sometimes incorrect when viewing calendar events for other timezones.


Console timeout error

For customers with large volumes of data left in queues the Distribution Console page can hit a timeout due to long running query. The mechanism for loading this page has changed to make it more robust for large datasets.


Cross year bug in analytics

Bug when looking at data from previous year in the Distribution Analytics tab.

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