Distribution Tags represent individual values of attributes. Tags are stored in a Tag Collection that represents all attributes of that type. For example, in the tag collection "Industry" which represents all industries that records may relate to, "Software", "Government" and "Manufacturing" could be tags.

Tags List Page

Tags are managed from within the Tags list page. The Tags list page is accessed by clicking the name of a Tag Collection from the Tag Collection list, or clicking Open in the Tag Collection side panel.


From the Tags List page you can view the following for each tag in the collection:

You are able to delete tags that are not currently being used by any Distributors or Teams for filters, weighting or caps.

Adding Tags

Clicking the Add Tags button opens the Add Tags dialog. This dialog allows you to add multiple tags to the current collection. Tags can be created by typing the name of the tag and pressing the enter, tab or comma key.

Adding Tags from a Field

In addition to manually adding tags, you are able to add tags from values on a picklist field in Salesforce.  To do this, click the dropdown next to Add Tags and select Add Tags From Field. This will open the Add Tags From Field dialog. Select the object and picklist field that you wish to use for your tag values. Note that any values that already exist in the tag collection will not be added again. This means that you can run the process multiple times with no destructive consequences.

This is a one-time process. Any future updates to the picklist values in Salesforce will need to be reflected in the tag collection by adding the tags manually or re-running Add Tags From Field.


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