Tasks on Record Assignment by Distribution Engine

It's possible to auto create a task when a record is assigned by Distribution Engine to a user. This is achieved by using Process Builder. The steps below explain how this works. 

Process Builder


This solution will work on any Object. In our example we are using Leads. You can replace with any Object you require by changing the Starting Object in your Process Builder. 

1) Navgiate to Process Builder by going to Setup and typing Process Builder in the quick find. 

2) Create a new Process Builder 

  • Give your process a name
  • Write a brief description
  • Select The process starts when "A record changes"
  • Save

3) Set your starting object - we are using Lead in this example. You may use Contact for example

  • Object = Lead
  • Start the process "when a record is created or edited"
  • Save

4) Next we will add the criteria for our process

  • Select Add Criteria

  • Name your criteria and select Criteria for Executing Actions "Conditions are met"

  • Your first criteria is checking to see if the Owner of the record has changed
    • Select the field and find Owner ID as the value 

  • Set the conditions to ensure the Owner of the record has changed by setting the Operator to "Is Changed" and Value to "True"


  • The next critera
  • will look to see when the last time Distribution Engine Distributed the record. Whenever a record is distributed by Distribution Engine a date/time stamp is populated to the Last Distributed field. By using this criteria we can ensure that Distribution Engine distributed the record and because this date/time changes each distribution, you can ensure record Owners get a task even if the record has been re-distributed. 
    • Select Last Distributed in the Select Field box
This field varies on the Contact Object - the field label is "Last distributed by user"

  • Set the conditions for this field to ensure the date/time stamp has changed by using Operator Is changed to True

  • Make sure you are checking to make sure the Owner is a User and not a Queue. To do this set another criteria Lead Owner ID Starts With ID 005.


  • Your final cirtieria will look like this 


5) Select Save


6) Now we will create the Task using the process. 

  • Select Add Action under Immediate Actions

  • Select Action Type Create Record in order to create a task

  • Give the Action a name and select the Record Type "Task"

  • We want to assign the task to the record owner. Here we will use the Type of Field Reference and locate the Owner ID

  • Set your Priority and Status values 

  • Add a row to relate the Task to the Record itself. You are going to select the ID for the record.
For all Objects other than Lead - this field will read "Related to ID" instead of Name ID

  • You may optionally add additional fields to the Task record you are creating. In our example we have set the due date to the date the task is assigned and the subject line to read "New Lead! Please follow up!"

  • Save


7) The final step is to activate your process builder. Select Activate.



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