Queue Basics

Queues are available for Lead, Case, Task and custom objects. Once set up, a Queue can own a record in Salesforce. You can see this by looking at the Owner field on a record. The screenshot below shows how to change the Owner of a record to a Queue.



Queues and views

There is sometimes confusion between queues and views in Salesforce.

  • A queue is a bit like special type of user. It can own a Lead or Case in Salesforce.
  • A view is a filtered list of records e.g. Leads, Cases.
  • You can have lots of different views including a view showing the contents of a queue e.g. a view of all Leads where the Owner = "Lead Queue".


An "All Open Leads" view.

Setting up Queues 

Queues are found in the Users (Lightning) or Manage Users (Classic) area of Salesforce Setup. From here you can create, edit and delete queues. 

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