Scheduler Restarted

The Distribution Engine scheduler is the process that is managing the assignment of records.  When Distribution Engine Health Checker discovers that the Distribution Engine scheduler has aborted it will attempt to automatically restart. If the restart fails it will notify via email using the notification settings as configured in 'Distribution Settings'.  

Subject: Distribution Engine Warning - Distribution Engine has restarted

The email will contain the details that are available on the reason the scheduler has stopped.   There are a number of reasons why this can occur. The Scheduler Logs page shows all recent scheduler runs and contains details of any errors.

Some common examples of the source of restarts are below:

  • Salesforce maintenance prevented Distribution Engine from continuing normally.
    • Check the Salesforce trust site at for any confirmed maintenance or outages for your Instance ID.
  • There is a large volume of records backed up in queues causing performance issues / query time-outs.
    • Review the 'Queues' tab of the Distribution Console for a large number in the 'Available Count' column.
  • There are triggers or custom automation in your org which is hitting Salesforce governor limits, preventing Distribution Engine from running.  The most common limit is Apex CPU Time.
    • Check Salesforce Setup -> Apex Jobs for the error message that resulted in the Distribution Engine job aborting.

If this happens continually please contact NC Squared, granting login access to enable us to diagnose the issue.


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