Email Notifications - Introduction

If you would like your team members to be notified when Distribution Engine assigns, alerts or reassigns then you can enable a workflow rule provided with the package.

  • From the Setup area:
    • Classic - click Create > Workflow & Approvals > Workflow Rules
    • Lightning - click Process Automation > Workflow Rules
  • You will see a Workflow Rule called Distribution Engine Notification
  • Click Activate to enable email notifications


These standard notifications are not customizable. To create custom Email notification formats please see Custom email notifications topic

Enabling the workflow will enable the notifications for all distributors. You can turn these notifications off on a per distributor basis from the Post Assignment section of a team. 

What fields are shown on standard Emails?

The fields below are included on the standard Distribution Engine Email notifications. Please remember this is simply a notification for the rep / agent that they need to check their Salesforce view. Full details (e.g. descriptions on cases) are not shown in order to encourage users to work within Salesforce and update records while working.

Lead fields

  • Name
  • Source
  • Company
  • Rating
  • Status

Opportunity fields

  • Name
  • Source
  • Type
  • Stage

Case fields

  • Case number
  • Subject
  • Priority
  • Type
  • Account
  • Contact
  • Status


Lead assignment (example of Email notification to rep)

Case assignment (example of Email notification to agent)

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Custom Email Notifications