Distributor Sources

In order to select records to be assigned each distributor has a "source". Distribution Engine can assign from Salesforce queues, a specified Salesforce user or using a status value on a record.

Source queue

Assign from a specified Salesforce queue. Learn more about Salesforce queues.

Only certain objects in Salesforce support queues - Leads, Cases, Tasks and Custom objects

Source user

Assign from a designated Salesforce user. Learn more about assigning from a user.

If the Source User is also a Team Member, they will not receive assignments from the Distributor. 

Source status

Assign all records with a specified status. Select any picklist field you want to use to denote assignment status. Select the value which denotes ready for distribution, and the value it will be moved to once its assigned.

The owner of a record will not be considered when Status is used as the source. This means all records in your org, with the matching status and matching filter criteria, will be looked at for distribution.

In the example below Distribution Engine will assign any records with a status of New. Once assigned they will be moved to a status of assigned.



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