In the Hummingbird release we have begun releasing new look pages, starting with Distribution Teams. Designed to make it easier to navigate and find features in DE, the new UI has more powerful features such as a new process view on team lists, in distributor details the ability to change the order of filters by dragging, and to access parent fields in your filters.


Distribution Engine 12.x - Hummingbird (May 3rd, 2021)






Team Pages Redesign

The distribution teams pages have been redesigned, making it quick and easy to use features in this tab.

A new vertical navigation menu has been introduced, to make it easier to find features and switch between teams.

Each page has been redesigned with a new look and feel, and some features have been moved to group them into clearer features.


Distribution Process Viewer

A new process view is available on the Distribution Teams page which allows you to better see the flow of distribution logic and view all your settings in one place.

This shows the sources (queues, users or statuses from the new assign by status feature) and the connections to teams and distributors. For each distributor, you can click the icons to show information about  filters, distribution method, team members and post assignment. 



Lightning Widget

A new Lightning version of the Distribution Engine Widget has been added. This allows for real-time notifications of assignments in Salesforce lightning, and to optionally allow team members to toggle themselves on and off and view their assigned work.



The widget can be added to the utility bar of lightning apps, or embedded within the lightning pages themselves.


Assign by Status

As well as assigning from a queue or assigned to a user, Distribution Engine can now look for records in a specified status. For example, a Distributor could assign a record when it sees that it's status field has a value of 'New'.

On assignment, Distribution Engine will set the field to a new value to designate that it has been assigned, and remove it from the pool of records awaiting assignment.

This may be useful when assigning objects without queues such as Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts. It means you no longer need to use a designated user to assign records, simply update a Status / Stage or some other picklist field to make the record available for assignment.


Team Filters

Team filters allow for a distribution filter to be set across all distributors in a team. Having a team-wide filter means you don't need to repeat the same filter in each distributors, reducing errors made and making it quicker to make changes.


Active Status is now Optional

Active status no longer has to be defined for every team, removing the need to define what active means when it is not relevant for the team. In Teams where it's not defined, caps and load balancing that would use the active count will use the total count of records of that type assigned to the team member.


Multiple Caps

Teams can now have multiple caps in place at one time, allowing for more granular definition of how quickly records get assigned.

For example, a team could have a half-hourly cap of 50, and a daily cap of 200. This would allow team members to receive up to 50 records every half hour, so long as they have not exceeded the daily cap of 200.



Related Objects in Distribution Filters

When configuring distribution filters or team filters, parent fields can now be used, increasing the flexibility of the filters and reducing the need for creating formula fields. This allows for scenarios such as filtering a lead distributor by the type of the account related to that lead, or for case distributors filtering by the SLA agreement on the account.



Shift Breaks

Shifts can now have up to three blocks of working hours defined for each day of the week. This allows for the creation of defined breaks throughout the day, where users will be unavailable.



Overnight shifts

Shifts blocks can now go beyond midnight and run onto the next day. Times with (+1) at the end indicate the following day.



Logs defaulted to on

Classification logs are now enabled by default for all new customers, ensuring that any issues with classification are captured unless opted out of. For existing orgs where classification logs have been disabled, classification logs have been re-enabled with the duration set to one month.


Backfill improvements

When beginning a classifier backfill, users will now get the option to be notified on completion. This will send a email to the user who instigated the backfill summarising the classification.


When backfilling classification for lead matching, users will be asked if they would also like to backfill the leads for territories. Similarly, for territory classification of leads, users will now be offered to backfill for lead matching.

In addition to this, while a backfill is in progress users will see a message on the appropriate settings page


Territory Maps can now be cloned

To speed up creation of territories maps, an existing map can now be cloned. This will keep all attributes of the original map with the exception of the name.


Permission Set Warnings

When the current user does not have an appropriate Distribution Engine permission set, they will now be shown a warning. It is important that the Distribution Engine permission sets are used rather than individual permissions, so that users are able to see new features as they are added.


New options for how stickies are handled with reassignment.

New options have been introduced for records that are automatically reassigned through SLA failure. This feature can remove sticky from all reassigned records, just the first instance of a sticky or for no records. This is configured at distributor level.






Team Members

Team Member name not updating when Salesforce name changes

Team member names will now update in  Distribution Engine when the Salesforce user's name is updated..

Distribution Console

Error shown when large numbers of queues loaded

The queues tab of the Distribution Console can now handle larger numbers of queues.


Distribution jobs can revert field changes made by another process

Resolved an issue where Distribution Engine reverted changes made by other processes, if Distribution Engine updated the record while the process was running.

Test Tool

Test Tool incorrectly matches multiselect picklist for team members

Resolved an issue where the test tool displayed multi select picklist values using commas instead of semi colons when using tag based team member filters.

Distribution Console

Archive tab errored on large archive

Resolved an issue where the archive tab would time out when loading on orgs with large numbers of archived records.


Classifier no longer aborts when records can't be updated

The resilience of the classifier has been improved,  now, when it cannot update a record it will no longer abort the classifier process. Instead, the error will be recorded in the logs and the classifier will continue to run. If a record continues to fail classification, the Distribution Engine administrators are emailed.


Person accounts now update email addresses correctly

Person accounts will now correctly update the list of account domains when the associated email address is updated.




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