Distribution Logs

Distribution Engine keeps logs for the following activities:


You are able to view these logs from the Distribution Logs tab. Use the left-hand menu to change the logs that you are currently viewing.



Using the logs pages


By default, the logs pages will show all of the most recent logs for that log type. For each type of logs, some of the columns will be sortable in both ascending or descending order. To change the sorting, click the heading of the column you wish to sort, click again to change the order.


In order to refine the logs that are displayed, each logs page has a number of filters that you can use. To use the filters, select the criteria you wish to filter by and then hit the Search button. Please note, in order to use Distributor and Team member filters, a team must be selected from the team filter.


Each logs page allows you to see more details about each log. Clicking on the log row will open the side panel which contains more information.


Only the top 500 results for your filter and sorting will be shown at any time. You may find that more specific filter criteria will help reduce the number of results.

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