Tuning Distribution Engine

Distribution Engine is a native Salesforce application - it's written using Force.com and lives entirely in your own Salesforce organization. This has many benefits but it also means we must respect the platform and its resources - we can help Salesforce by tuning Distribution Engine, so it runs faster for you and in turn helps the Salesforce platform run smoothly. There are a few tips to optimize the Distribution Engine.

Tip 1: Keep your queues tidy. 

Large volumes of records in the queue could cause slow performance and if Salesforce experiences performance degradation it can result in query timeouts and the engine stopping. To avoid this make sure your queues only contain Leads / Cases that you want Distribution Engine to assign out. If you keep filtering out certain records the queue size will steadily increase until the Engine is wading through large volumes of data to find the records you want.

You can use Salesforce assignment or workflow rules to select Leads / Cases you want to enter Distribution Engine queues.

You may also want to look at our auto-archiving feature which will place non-assignable records into an archive queue. 

Tip 2: Tune tag distribution.

You can use tags in team member filters to dynamically choose team members based on their tags. But without also using a queue filter its possible that your distributors are doing more work than they need to. Let's run through an example to explain:

Imagine all your worldwide leads are going into a single queue. You have a USA team and a distributor to assign out leads based on a sales rep's allocated states. So far so good, it will pick leads by state and only assign them to reps with a matching state tag.


But, this distributor is going to be glowing red hot, it's plowing through leads which may not even have a state, leads that are not from the USA or non geographic leads. It won't assign them out but it will consider and reject each one - it's unnecessary work. So we can reduce the load on this distributor by adding a Lead filter.

Now we are removing all non-US countries and any countries without a state from the processing the distributor has to do. So it can focus only on relevant Leads.





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