Shift Planner

The shift planner allows team managers to assign hours to their team members up to twelve weeks in advance. This is useful for organisations where team members often change working hours from one week to the next, and can save time compared to making changes at the beginning of every new working week.

The shift planner lists all of the team members in the current team, and shows next to them what their allocated shift is for the week shown.

When disabling the shift planner, users will remain on their current shift and any future planned shift changes will be lost.

To plan a shift for a team member:

  • Find the team member you want to update.
  • Find the week from which you would like their shift to update.
  • Click the highlighted block, this will open the shift selector.
  • Select the shift that you would like to change the team member to.
  • This shift will be applied until the next defined shift change. If there are no future shift changes beyond this point, it will apply until changed again.

Save your updated shifts frequently to avoid losing changes.

By default, when loaded, the shift planner will show its view starting at the current week. Users can scroll to the right to view up to twelve weeks in the future, or left to view up to four weeks in the past.

Users cannot see the history of a user's shifts before Shift Planner was enabled.

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