Records Stuck / Not Being Assigned

If your Leads / Cases are not being assigned out from the queue, check for the following causes:

  • Active status definition - Check the status on the object compared with the active status definition in the team detail. For example if you define active Leads as Status "New" and you have Leads in your queue with a status of "Open" they will be ignored. Use the Distributor test tool to check this!
  • Filter - Each distributor can have a filter. Check the filter on the distributor you were expecting to assign your object vs the object fields. Is there some reason the filter is excluding your object in the queue? Use the Distributor test tool to check this!
  • Tags - If you are assigning using dynamic tags. Make sure the tags you use exactly match the value in the object. If there is no match it will not assign. 
  • Holiday, Out of Office, Working hours - On the Team Summary page click detail view to see if your team members are showing as out of office.
  • Caps - if the team members have reached their team level cap or distributor caps they will not be assigned more.

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