Team Performance

The performance page gives an overview of your team member's recent performance. This page will show the hours worked per team member over your chosen time period, as well as a number of other pieces of information.



The metrics shown on the performance page will depend on your team configuration.

  • For teams that distribute Leads the conversion rate metric is shown. This shows, as a percentage, how many leads assigned to that user over the selected time period have been converted.
  • For teams that distribute Cases or Opportunities the close rate metric is shown. This shows, as a percentage, how many Cases were closed or how many Opportunities were closed - won.
  • For teams that use Time to Action, the average time to action for each team member is shown for all records distributed over the selected time period.

Hours Worked

The hours worked column shows how many hours each team member worked over the duration. This includes shift hours, out of office and holidays. It does not consider toggle status in teams where that is enabled.

Metrics are based on distributions that Distribution Engine records, therefore we can only show data for the period that your distribution logs are retained for. By default, this is one month, but can be increased on the Distribution Settings page.



Tags can be used to alter assignments based on performance. For example, you may want to weight distributions so that higher performing reps receive more records. The performance page allows you to manage tag assignments from the tag collections used for tag-based weighting and tag-based caps.

To modify the tags for a single user, click on their row in the team performance table. This will open the tags sidepanel, which displays the tags assigned to that user, grouped by their tag collection. You can add or remove tags by clicking the appropriate checkbox next to the tags.

You can also modify the tags for multiple users by selecting the checkboxes next to the users and clicking the modify button from the page menu. The modify assignments window will be launched. Note that any changes are applied to all selected team members.


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