Pardot will automatically synchronise with Salesforce CRM. Prospects in Pardot will either be created as Salesforce Leads, or where a contact in Salesforce already exists it will be updated to reflect the latest Pardot information. Pardot uses Email address to detect existing contacts.

Lead distribution

  • When Leads are created Pardot can assign using the active Salesforce assignment rule.
  • Salesforce assignment rules can then move Pardot Leads into a Salesforce Queue
  • Distribution Engine will monitor and distribute leads from this queue 


Pardot completion actions

Salesforce lead assignment rule


Distribution Engine scheduled distributor



Contact distribution

  • When existing contacts are updated Pardot will update various fields, one which is the Pardot last activity field.
  • You can create a Salesforce workflow rule to automatically move contacts which are updated (and not already being worked) to a holding user ready for assignment. Example below
  • You can create a team in Distribution Engine for contacts to monitor and distribute contacts from the holding user




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