Licensed users list

The licensed users list page shows all the users in your org who are using a Distribution Engine license.

Each user in this list counts towards your license count.

There are 2 aspects to Distribution Engine licensing - whether someone holds a managed package license and whether someone is a member of a team. 

  • Managed package license - A Distribution Engine managed package license allows access to the Distribution Engine user interface, whether that is just to show the Widget to a rep or to see the entire set of tabs for an administrator. Licenses are automatically added to all team members when possible.
  • Team member - A user who is a member of one or more Distribution Engine teams. Users must be part of a team to receive assignments.

There is no difference in pricing between users who are team members and users holding managed package licenses. Users only consume one license if they are both part of a team and assigned a managed package license.

Get More Licenses

Clicking the 'Get more licenses' link opens a form to request new licenses. For most customers these requests typically are automatically processed and added immediately, followed by an invoice within 1 business day. For submissions via email or needing manually processing, we will provide your new license within 1 business day of request and then follow up with the invoice.

User Details

Clicking on a row in the licensed user list opens the user detail panel. The panel displays the Distribution Engine permission sets assigned to that user as well as the teams that they are a member of, with how many assignments they have received from that team today. You are able to remove a user from all teams, should you need to offboard a user, or remove them from individual teams.



Some of my users don't have licenses assigned in Salesforce, why are they in this list?

Users who are members of teams are included in the license count. We will attempt to assign a license to all Team Members. It's possible the user who added the Team Member does not have access to add licenses. In these cases, we will attempt to assign the license nightly via the running user. If both fail, the user will only show as being a team member.

My Salesforce license count says I've not used all my licenses

Salesforce is simply recording managed package licenses. These are optional in Distribution Engine. We record users who are team members and users who hold managed package licenses.

Do deactivated Salesforce users count towards my license count?

Only if they are holding a managed package license. You will need to remove their managed package license to release the license.

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