Installation Process

You must be using Enterprise Edition or higher to install Distribution Engine. Salesforce Professional Edition is not compatible

Starting the install


  • Navigate to the Distribution Engine AppExchange listing and click “Get It Now”.
  • If you are not already logged in to the AppExchange, you will be prompted to sign in.
  • Choose sandbox or production install.
  • Check and accept terms and conditions and click "confirm and install".
  • You will be prompted to log in to your target Salesforce org to begin the install.
  • Select "Install for Admins Only" (you can add other users after installation).
  • Click Install.
  • You may see a message saying "this app is taking a long time to install". 
  • Click Done and wait for an Email confirmation from Salesforce support.
  • Once the install is complete, Distribution Engine will appear in the App Launcher.


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