Learn about how to configure different permissions in Distribution Engine.

Widget & Inline Page

Distribution Engine has a Widget for Team Members which provides users the ability to toggle on/off, use pull distributors and view their assignments and missed SLAs. It also provides an inline page, allowing team members to see Distribution Engine history for the record you are on and test it against distributors without leaving the page.

Before you Begin

Before beginning the installation and setup process, the following commonly discussed topics may be useful: Trials and full installs. Installation is always initiated from the Salesforce AppExchange…

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Installation Overview

Before you begin - some common questions and considerations before installing What's in the package - a list of the components in the managed package Installation process - step by step instructions…

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Whats in the Package

Here is a list of the common components of Distribution Engine that you may interact with. A full list of components can be found once installed or during the install process. Tabs. The Distribution…

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Distribution Engine includes eight Salesforce triggers. A single trigger on each object and one for the Distribution Log object in the package. These triggers are used by the following Distribution E…

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Installation Process

You must be using Enterprise Edition or higher to install Distribution Engine. Salesforce Professional Edition is not compatible Starting the install.. Navigate to the Distribution Engine AppExchange…

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Managed Package Licences

Any user who need access to the Distribution Engine user interface, Distribution Engine provided fields / reports , or the Distribution Engine Widget , need to have a managed package. When a user is…

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Page Layouts

The Distribution Engine package includes some new fields on lead, contact, opportunity, account and case objects. You can optionally add these to your page layouts. In addition DE includes an inline…

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Leaving A Review

We work hard to ensure our customers are happy. We always appreciate it when customers help us spread the word by leaving an AppExchange review! Go to our AppExchange site. Click 'Write a Review'. Ad…

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If you need to uninstall Distribution Engine for any reason you need to first remove any dependencies to allow the uninstall to proceed. Before Uninstalling. First check and remove any of the followi…

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Upgrading Distribution Engine

Like Salesforce the Distribution Engine application will be updated several times per year to provide new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Upgrades take place from the AppExchange and follow the…

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