Distribution Engine Details Formula

Distribution Engine Details is a custom object that holds the values the Distribution Classifier has matched to a specified record.  It can sometimes be useful to expose those values on the specified record itself.  To do so, create a custom field on the object with a data type of Formula and a return type of Text:



In the Formula section enter a reference to the field on the Distribution Engine Details object(n2de__Distribution_engine_details__c).  The example below is referencing the 'n2de__Territory__c' field.

Distribution Engine Details has the following fields available:

  • Territory(n2de__Territory__c) - Text string of matched Territory data from Territory classification.
  • Matched Lead(n2de__Matched_lead__c) - Lookup to matched lead
  • Matched Contact(n2de__Matched_contact__c) - Lookup to matched contact
  • Matched Account(n2de__Matched_account__c) - Lookup to matched account


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