Adding Widget to a Lightning App

You can add the Distribution Engine widget to the utility bar in lightning experience apps, including both standard and console navigation. The steps below demonstrate adding the widget to the Lightning Sales Console, but it applies to any Lightning App:




  • Go to Setup > App Manager
  • Look for Sales Console - LightningSalesConsole
  • Click the drop down at the end of the row and Edit


  • Go to Utility Bar
  • Click Add 
  • Select Distribution Engine under Custom - Managed
    • Label: Distribution Engine
    • Width: 340
    • Height: 480
    • Start Automatically: Check
    • Refresh Interval: 10 (enter how often you want the widget to refresh, in minutes. "0" means that it won't automatically refresh)
    • Display Assigned to Me: Check (uncheck if you want to hide the list of assignments for the current user)

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