Distribution Teams Introduction

To start assigning records you first need to set up some teams. Teams contain team members - the people you are assigning to, and distributors - the rules to control what gets assigned. Teams also contain various other features such as distribution hours, weighting, caps, tracking and SLAs.

Distribution teams list page

Click the Distribution Teams tab in Salesforce to bring up the team list page. From here you can:

  • Switch between list and process view
  • Add new team
  • Add a new Q2Q team (a way of splitting queues - see below)
  • Activate / deactivate teams. Any teams with a status of Inactive will not run - they will be ignored by Distribution Engine
  • Test Distributors within a Team
  • Delete a team
  • Clone a team
  • Re-order teams - teams have an execution order; they run in order top to bottom

Each of these actions is available on a single team or by multi-selecting teams using checkboxes. Each team can have many distributors - you don't need to create a new team for every round robin group.

To create a new team 

  • On Distribution Teams tab click New team button
  • Enter a team name and the Salesforce object the team will be distributing (e.g. Lead / Case) 
  • Click Create Team
  • Next you need to add some team members and distributors (rules) to the team
To save time you can also clone an existing team.

Standard teams and Q2Q teams

  • Standard teams assign records to users. 
  • A Q2Q team assigns records from a source queue to several other queues (rather than to people).
  • Most customers don't need Q2Q teams so if in doubt just stick with standard teams. Learn more about Q2Q teams here

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