Availability Calendar

The availability calendar console page gives a month by month overview of the availability of your teams, so you can see who's working when, and if there are any gaps in your schedule.. The calendar will show how many team members are working each day, how many team members are out of office and when team members are on holiday.

The calendar will show each calendar month, and you are able to navigate between the months of the year using the arrows at the top of the page.


There are three filters available on this page:

  • Team - The team to display availability for.
  • Team Members - The team members to be displayed within the Availability Calendar. Multiple Team members can be selected. By default, all team members within the team are shown.
  • Tags - The tags filter allows you to only see the availability of team members with the selected tags. This can be used to ensure availability coverage of team members with specific skills.

Detailed Information

The event start & end times for shifts, Out of Office and holidays are shown in the running users' timezone.

Clicking on a date on the calendar will open the calendar side panel.

The side panel shows detailed information for the selected day, if the team is on holiday that day, the holiday will be displayed. If there are working team members that day, clicking the Working team members heading will show details of who is working, and which shift they are currently assigned to for this team. Clicking the shift heading will take you to the shift page.

For users with individual shift hours, hovering the team member name will display their shift hours

When Team Members have Out of Office entries that day, clicking the Out of office team members heading will show you who is out of office this day. Hovering over a team member's name will show you the reason and duration of their out of office.

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