Validation Rules

Distribution Engine must update records in order to assign them by changing the owner. Sometimes customers have validation rules in place which can block updates and prevent DE from assigning. DE obviously can't populate missing fields, or correct data, so validation rules should be set to avoid firing when its DE that is making the assignment.

Avoiding Distribution Engine updates in validation rules

Distribution Engine sets some fields when it assigns "Is Distributed", "Date last distributed" for example. We can use these to determine if DE is in the middle of an assignment and avoid firing validation rules.

This applies to Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, Accounts and Cases 

To avoid DE in your assignment rule simply add a check for NOT(ISCHANGED(  n2de__Last_distributed__c )) i.e. don't fire when last distributed date is changing. For example 

ISPICKVAL  (LeadSource ,"Webinar"),
BLANK ( Webinar_name__c ),
NOT(ISCHANGED(  n2de__Last_distributed__c ))

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