Criteria Caps

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Criteria caps allow for a cap to be placed on a distributor that limits how many records it will assign to users, based on criteria, rather than a time period. For example, a user could have two hot Leads and five warm Leads assigned to them.

Example Use Case:

An organization has Hot, Warm and Cold Leads, and they want to control the maximum number of Hot, Warm and Cold Leads that a sales user can have assigned to them at any given time.

They want a user to be able to have the following assigned to them at any given time.

  • Two hot Leads.
  • Five warm Leads.
  • Ten cold Leads.

For example, they can only have two Hot Leads assigned to them at any given time. When they finish working on this Lead and it is assigned elsewhere, they will be topped up with another Hot Lead.

If you need to control how many different types of records a user has assigned to them at any one time, you can use Criteria Caps.


First, we must set up a Distributor for each type of Lead - Hot, Warm and Cold. If you are unsure how to set up a new distributor, please check out this article, or feel free to contact us.

Next, we can add the criteria caps. You can find Criteria Caps under Weighting and Caps, Distributor-level settings.


  1. Select the Hot Leads Distributor,
  2. Enable Caps with the toggle,
  3. Choose Criteria Based from the dropdown and set the cap to two.

This will limit the number of Hot Leads that a user can have with them simultaneously. When a new Hot Leads becomes available for distribution, if the member has one or no Hot Leads, they could receive another one. But if they have two already, they won’t receive another one.

Finally, repeat the same process to set up the Warm and Cold Distributors cap.

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