Distribution Sync

Object Sync allows Distribution Engine to update the owner of child objects to match their parents when the parent object is assigned.

For example: when assigning an Account object, Object Sync can automatically update any Opportunities that are a child of that Account to the newly assigned owner.

  Any child objects to be synchronized must have a look-up relationship to the distribution object.

To configure Object Sync, you must define each object to be synchronized by creating actions.

Actions are set up for each distribution object at an org level. Object Sync can then be enabled by individual teams.

Object Sync runs hourly, so you may not see the updated owners straight away.


Adding an Object Sync Action

To create an action, click the Add action button on the Object Sync page. This will launch the Add New Action dialog.

First, select the Distribution Object, this is the primary object that is Distributed by one of your teams.

Then, select the Related Object, this is the child object that is to be updated by object sync.

Optionally, you can define a related object filter. This filter will limit when the related object is updated, to only circumstances where the filter criteria are met.

Actions can be activated/deactivated, deleted and edited from the row menu.

Once created, actions will need to be activated before they can be used.


Enabling Object Sync for a team.

Teams will need to enable object sync before child objects are synchronized with their parents. This is done from the post assignment page of the team. More information can be found here.



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