Distributor Sort Order

You can use the custom sort order on distributors to determine the order in which objects will be assigned from the queue (e.g. Created Date ascending for oldest first). If you are expecting to assign all records that are waiting to be assigned then sort order won't matter and you can leave the default.

If you are using capping to limit how many records are being assigned then it may be important to decide which records are chosen and which remain queued. E.g. sorting by a lead score descending to assign the best leads to each rep first. Or Created Date descending to assign the newest leads first.

You can have up to 3 orders and these will be used combined. E.g. the example below will order by Created Date descending and Annual Revenue ascending. Which means it will choose the newest and lowest value records first.

All field types can be used for sorting, apart from: multi-select picklist, rich text area, long text area and encrypted fields

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