Distribution Engine Running User

The Distribution Engine needs to run as a Salesforce user. This will be whichever user starts the Distribution Engine on the Distribution Settings tab. You can see who the Distribution Engine running user is by looking at the Distribution Console tab. 

This user will need to have a Managed Package License, a Distribution Engine Permission Set, and the Author Apex Salesforce permission.


The changes the Distribution Engine makes e.g. in Lead / Case history will be recorded against this username. 

Changing the running user

To change the running user simply login to Salesforce (as the new user), stop and start Distribution Engine from the Distribution Settings tab.

Some customers use a spare Salesforce license to create an admin user named "Distribution Engine" and then start DE under this user.

The email address associated with the running user will be contacted if Distribution Engine fails. This address should be able to receive external email and be a group list or an individual responsible for Distribution Engine. 

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