Adding Widget to Salesforce Mobile

To add the Widget to your mobile navigation you'll first need to create a new Lightning page, or you can add it to an existing one. These are the steps to create a new page.

  • Go into Salesforce Setup
  • Search for and click on Lightning App Builder
  • Click New in the Lightning Pages table
  • In the "Create a new Lightning page" wizard
    • Select App Page and click Next
    • Specify a Label for the page and click Next
    • Select the layout of the page, for this example we will just have the One Region
    • Click Done
  • In the Lightning App Builder:
    • Drag the "Distribution Engine Widget" component, that is under "Custom - Managed", onto the page
    • If required, change any of the properties of the component
    • Click Save
  • If it's the first Save you will be prompted to Activate. You can either do this now or from the Activation button on the toolbar.
    • In the Activation dialog you can add the page to your mobile app in the Mobile Navigation tab, by clicking the Add page to app button
  • See the following Salesforce article for more information on mobile navigation.

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