Adding Widget to Classic Homepage

The Distribution Engine uses a homepage component known as the Widget in the left sidebar. This shows current statuses and allows manual pulling of records. The Widget can be shown in standard Salesforce or in the Service Cloud Console.


User Interface Settings

First, ensure you have Show Custom Sidebar Components on All Pages checked. Go to Setup > User Interface

Home Page Layouts

  • To make the widget visible navigate to Setup > Customize > Home > Home Page Layouts
  • To modify existing layouts, click edit next to the layout you want to enable with Distribution Engine.
  • There are 2 home page components - Distribution Engine Widget is the latest version, the other is now deprecated. 
  • Enable Distribution Engine Widget checkbox and click Next.
  • Change the ordering as required. We recommended moving Distribution Engine Widget to the top of the list in order to make it visible to users.
  • Click save and repeat for any other layouts as required.

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