If you need to uninstall Distribution Engine for any reason you need to first remove any dependencies to allow the uninstall to proceed.

Before Uninstalling

First check and remove any of the following dependencies to allow the uninstall to proceed.

Permission sets

If you have assigned any permission sets to users these must be unassigned first. 


You will need to deactivate the "Process Async Distribution Events" flow. This can only be done before license expiration. 

Page Layouts

If you have added any Distribution Engine fields to your page layouts please remove these.

Remove Service Cloud Console components

If you are a Service Cloud customer and have created a Distribution Engine Service Cloud Console component this must first be deleted.

Stop the scheduler

The scheduler must be stopped in order to allow uninstalling to proceed. Turn the scheduler off from the Distribution Settings tab.


  • Go to setup > Installed Packages
  • Click Uninstall link next to Distribution Engine
  • Follow the instructions

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