Calendar Integration

Salesforce calendar can now be synced to the Distribution Out of Office calendar. 


  • Event 'Show Time As' options - Specify which "Show Time As" events are used to create Out of Office entries
  • Updates to events will be reflected in the DE OoO entry
Only works for events created after calendar integration is enabled

Microsoft Exchange & Google Calendar Integration

Microsoft Exchange and G Suite calendars can be synchronized with your Salesforce calendars by using Einstein Activity Capture. If synchronized in this manner, then Distribution Engine can use the calendar integration feature (above) to synchronize these events from the Salesforce calendar. For information on Einstein Activity Capture, see the Salesforce documentation.

 You will need to enable the 'Sync internal events' setting of Einstein Activity Capture to sync calendar entries such as Out of Office in Google Calendar.
You will need to enable the 'Remove deleted items' option in the Advanced Settings of your org configuration settings for Einstein Activity Capture if you would like the Distribuiton Engine Out of Office entries to delete when the entry is removed from the external calendar.

Lightning Sync for Google

Lightning Sync for Google is being deprecated by Salesforce in favour of Einstein Activity Capture.

End-to-end Google Calendar to DE Out of Office integration can be achieved using Lightning Sync for Google and the standard Salesforce DE calendar integration above.

First, enable the DE calendar integration following the steps above, then set up Lightning Sync for Google:


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