Standard Distributor Settings

Creating a distributor or opening an existing distributor brings you to the distributor settings page. From here you can edit, clone or delete a distributor. You can also access the distributor test tool and see recent distributions. 

Tips for great distributor setups

  1. Understand dynamic tags. These can hugely simplify your setup. Learn about tags
  2. Understand the classifier territory module to simplify logic involving countries, states or zipcodes. Learn more about the classifier territory feature
  3. If you are interested in lead matching, there are various different options. Learn about lead matching options 
  4. Contact support if you'd like some help.

Distributor settings

Distributor settings are grouped by the method (how records will be assigned), the source (which records are assigned) and the team member filter (who are we assigning to).

  • Distributor Name - pick a name for this rule. We recommend short names for ease of reading.


  • Method - select the distribution algorithm for this distributor. These are described here - Distribution Methods.
  • Sticky assignment - "stick" duplicate records to the same person for a defined period.  
  • Respect Availability - Contains two options which determine if availability is checked when distributing;
    • Assign if user is unavailable - If enabled, this will ignore all availability statuses from Working Hours.Out of Office, Holidays and Toggles and will always assign to a team member regardless.
    • Assign if user is toggled off in widget - If enabled, this will ignore when users are toggled off, but not Working Hours, Out of Office, and Holidays


  • Source - Select where the distributor will take records from:
    • Queue - This option will distribute from a Salesforce queue that allows the appropriate object type. If queues are not available for the object type, this option will not be available.
    • User - This option will distribute from a Salesforce user.
    • Field Value - This option will distribute any records who have a field with a specific value. (For example: Status = Waiting). On distribution, the field is updated with a value.
  • Field-based filter - Filter the records being selected for distribution by a field value (e.g. only hot leads or only P1 cases). More on filters here - Distributor Filters.
  • Campaign-based filter - Filter the records being selected for distribution by the Salesforce campaigns they are in (only for leads and contacts).
  • Custom sort order - Determine the order in which objects will be assigned from the queue (e.g. Created Date ascending for oldest first). Learn more about sort order here. 

Team member filter

For more information on Team Member Filters, see this article.

  • Assign To - Determine who in this team is eligible to receive assignments from this distributor.
    • All team (anyone in the team can receive assignments from this distributor)
    • Selected members (only selected team members can receive assignments from this distributor).
    • By tags (team members will be selected based on the tags they hold).
Dynamic tags are the recommended approach for simplifying distribution logic. 
  • Exclude Team Members - This feature allows for certain team members, defined on the record, to be excluded from the possibility of assignment.

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