Adding Widget to a Lightning Page

Salesforce Lightning experience allows you to add components to various pages, like the home page or record pages. You can add the Distribution Engine widget to the page of your choice within the Lightning App Builder. This can be accessed in a number of ways:

  • On the page you want to add the widget to, click on the cog at the top and select Edit Page


  • Go to Setup > App Manager
  • Locate the app you wish to add the widget to and select edit
  • Select the page from the Pages dropdown at the top


  • Go to Setup > Lightning App Builder
  • Locate the page you wish to add the widget to and select edit, or create a new page


  • From the Custom - Managed section, drag the Distribution Engine Widget component onto the page
  • There are two options that can be configured:
    • Refresh Interval - enter how often you want the widget to refresh, in minutes. "0" means that it won't automatically refresh
    • Display Assigned to Me - uncheck if you want to hide the list of assignments for the current user
  • Save

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