Permission Sets

Any users who need access to the Distribution Engine user interface need to have a permission set added. They will also need a managed package license assigned to them (not reuqired for Sandbox orgs.) When adding additional users to the Distribution Engine they should have one of the Distribution Engine permission sets.

  • Distribution Engine Admin – Full control of the application for System Administrators.
  • Distribution Engine System Manager – Access to most features except the Classifier and Distribution Settings tabs. Managers do not have the ability to stop and start the scheduler.
  • Distribution Engine Team Manager - Allows restricted access to specified teams. Provides access to the team availability, caps and weighting functions. Each team can specify which managers can access the team from the team settings page.
  • Distribution Engine Custom Team Manager - A team manager role like the above, that allows for customization of the permissions available. Customization can be performed on the Distribution Settings tab. This page contains more information about the permissions available and how to configure them.
  • Distribution Engine User – Access to the widget, personal out of office and log records for reps/agents.
  • Distribution Engine Community User - For Salesforce community users. Only has access to the widget, out of office and logs.
 Changing permission sets may take up to five minutes to take effect.

This page contains a full overview of the permissions granted by each permission set.


How to add permission sets

  • In Salesforce Setup go to Administer > Users > Permission Sets
  • Select one of the Distribution engine permission sets e.g. Distribution Engine Admin
  • Click Manage Assignments
  • Click Add Assignments
  • Check the list of users you want to add the permission set to and click Assign



We do not recommend cloning permission sets. When new versions of Distribution Engine are released the standard permission sets will automatically be updated. To allow seamless upgrades you should use only the permission sets included in the Distribution Engine package.

Scheduler Running User Permissions

Any user who wishes to start and stop the Distribution Engine scheduler must have the “Author Apex” user permission in their profile. Users with System Administrator profile will have this permission as standard.

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Permission Set Overview