Distribution Analytics

You can monitor your Distribution Engine assignments, including overall distribution volumes, break down by user / distribution rule from the Distribution Analytics tab.  



  • Team - select the team to display chart data for
  • Chart type
    • Distributions over time - historical distribution volumes for the last x days 
    • Distributions hourly trend - average distribution volumes by hour of day
    • Time to action - Only available if action tracking is used on a team, time to action metrics for each action being monitored on a team.
    • User Activity - Displays the status of each user's availability toggle over time, if toggle off reasons are enabled, those are displayed for each toggle event on mouse over..
  • Split data by
    • User - shows checkboxes for each user in the team. Select multiple users to compare.  
    • Distributor - shows checkboxes for each distributor in the team. Select multiple distributors to compare.
  • Date range - select how far into the past you want to show data
  • Filter by user - only shown when split data by distributor is selected. Allows you to focus on a single user and compare distributions made by various distributors
  • Filter by distributor - only shown when split data by user is selected. Allows you to focus on a single distributor and compare distributions made to various users



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