Distribution Methods - Introduction

Each distributor has a number of options for how it assigns (the method or algorithm). These are listed below. Standard distributors and trigger distributors have different methods available.

Each of these methods can also be combined with other features such as weighting and capping, distribution hours and tags.



Available in distributor types


Round robin

Assign in order among the team members using distributor level or team level round robin order.

Standard and trigger

Learn more about round robin

Load balancing

Balance the assignment volumes among the team based on a daily, weekly or monthly period or count of active records. 

Standard and trigger

Learn more about load balancing

Lookup owner

Detect matches to other records e.g. account matching and assign to the owner of the matched record.


Learn more about lookup owner

Related Owner

Where there is already a related record (e.g. a matched account) use this method to assign to the owner of the related record. 


Learn more about related owner

Dynamic owner

Assign ownership based on a field on the object being triggered. E.g. if you are assigning cases and you had a formula field which returned the user id of a named support engineer you could assign cases to this user.



Current owner

Leaves the record with the existing user but adds a distribution log to show it has been processed.




Allows users to click a button on a widget to request an assignment. 



Sticky assignment

When using round robin or load balancing methods you can also enable sticky assignment. This assigns duplicates to the same team member for a given time period. Learn more about sticky assignment



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