Sticky Assignment

Sticky assignment

Available in conjunction with round robin or load balancing methods. Sticky assignment is used to assign duplicates to the same team member for a given time period. You may also want to review the Lookup Owner Algorithm for scenarios where you want to assign based on an existing record's owner.

Sticky assignment creates its own logs every time it makes an assignment. It logs the sticky match field and who the record was assigned to. Each time it makes an assignment, it checks against its own logs to see if there's an existing sticky record within the time period. If it finds a match, it assigns to the same team member.

  • Sticky match field - The field we are logging e.g. Email address.
  • Sticky period - The period of time to continue sticking to the same team member. E.g. 90 days from the first assignment.
  • Sticky match level - The scope for checking sticky logs:
    • Distributor - just check for sticky assignments made through this particular distributor.
    • Team - check for sticky assignments made through this team.
    • Global - check for sticky assignments made through any team.
  • Retain sticky when user is unavailable - if the previous sticky team member is unavailable should it still stick to them. Unavailable means outside working hours, out of office or offline in the widget.
  • Retain sticky when user is offline in widget - if the previous sticky team member is available, but showing offline in the widget toggle, should the record still stick?
  • Disable Round Robin - when checked, the distributor will only make assignments when a record matches an existing sticky log. I.e. another distributor has made a net new assignment and created a 'sticky match log' record at the Team or Global level. Distributors with the 'Disable Round Robin' feature checked will not assign net new records. Using this feature you could separate out how duplicate records are handled from the new records if your 'disable round robin' distributor is a higher priority, perhaps having a different 'field-to-update' value for your duplicate records.

In the screenshot example above we are matching on the email field. Any records with the same Email will be assigned to the same team member for the duration of the sticky period (10 days in this example). The sticky match level is set to team, so it will match against sticky logs for any assignments made through this team. Retain sticky when user is unavailable is off, so if the previous sticky member is away, it will assign to a new team member.

Matched sticky assignments are considered to be duplicates.

They will count towards the capping limit but will continue to assign past the limit.

They do not count as a round robin "hit". The team member will still retain their place in the round robin order after receiving a sticky assignment.
Tagging will be ignored for matched sticky assignments. A team member without a matching tag may receive the assignment if they received the original record that matches the sticky value.

Sticky assignment will only match against logs of the same scope. So for example, global level sticky will only match against global level sticky assignment logs; it will not match against distributor or team level assignment logs.

An encrypted field can be chosen as the 'Sticky match field'.  When doing so please be aware that the value of that encrypted field will be stored unencrypted for use in sticky matching.

Holidays scheduled for a Team are respected and not ignored as part of ignoring availability.

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