Setup Introduction

Distribution Engine setup has three areas- Distribute, Classify and Track. It is useful to understand all three but you can start with just Distribute; the others are optional. If you'd like any help, drop our support team an email.


The core of Distribution Engine is distributing records (leads / cases etc.), usually from queues to users.

  • Queues - Distribution Engine picks leads / cases from Salesforce queues. So this is the place to start. Not familiar with queues? Read Queue Basics first.
  • Creating a team - The first step is to create a Distribution team. Teams hold the users you are assigning to and the distribution rules to be used.
  • Adding and removing team members - Add some users to your team.
  • Distributors - Add one or more distributors to the team. Distributors contain the assignment logic.
  • Distribution Settings - Start Distribution Engine.


The classifier allows you to stamp territory and lead matching information onto your records before you assign them. This can make your setup a lot simpler to maintain. It is an optional step you can always explore later.


You can set up tracking to monitor and enforce follow-up times. This is an optional step you can always explore later.


You can set up Email notifications or real time notifications using the DE widget in Lightning.

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