Tracked Assignees

The number of team members that Distribution Engine tracks having received a specific record can be controlled with this setting on the Distribution Settings tab. 

If the Auto-reassign feature is in use and a record has missed its SLA, or assignment rejection is being used and a record is rejected, Distribution Engine will log the previous assignees up to the number set in the dropdown.  If a Team member received that specific record previously, Distribution Engine will not assign to them.


  • It should be set to 1 if the intent on re-assignment is that a record needs to be assigned to at least one other Team member before the original assignee is given another chance.
  •  If you have 5 team members and you have the number set to 3, the first 3 team members who receive the record would be tracked. If for some reason the other two are out of office or otherwise not available, the record would not assign.

Please note that this setting can result in delayed assignments if there is not a valid Team member available.  Be sure that the tracking is set to a number lower than the smallest number of Team members available in a particular time frame. 

If only one user is available for assignment and they have previously had the record, they will receive the assignment. 

This setting is Distribution Engine app-wide.

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