The Impala release improves how Distribution Engine handles team member availability. The new shift planner feature allows you to schedule upcoming shift changes for your team members and additionally, the out of office, holiday and shift management pages have been updated to the new look, making navigation easier and the pages much simpler to use. Outside of availability,  Object Sync allows child objects to have their owners updated when the parent is assigned and Parallel Processing Mode offers a new way of efficiently assigning large numbers of objects in complex orgs. Finally, Impala also brings a number of organizational enhancements to Distribution Engine. The new Distribution Engine Team Manager permission set provides a manager focused set of permissions and the new Export & Import functionality allows migration between Salesforce orgs. 

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Shift Planner

The shift planner allows a team to schedule changes in team member's shift hours up to twelve weeks in advance. For teams with hours that frequently change, this removes the need to change everyone's shifts at the beginning of a week.

Shift planner is an optional feature for teams and is enabled from the Team Member Distribution Hours page


Distribution Availability pages redesign

The Out of Office and Regional Holidays pages have been redesigned in a new, easy-to-use visual style. Both of these pages can now be found under the Distribution Availability tab. The Out of Office Calendar page is replaced by this new view. 

There are also some changes to the functionality of these pages; Out of Office entries can now be created for multiple team members at once, and regional holidays can now span multiple days.




Shift Page

The new shift page, found under Distribution Availability, provides an org-wide home for management of shifts. You can create, edit and delete shifts as well as see how widely each shift is used..  Like the Out of Office and Holidays pages, this page has been built in our new visual style.


Team Manager permission

The new Team Manager permission set allows team managers to only view the teams where they have been designated the manager or where all managers have been allowed accessed. All other teams will be hidden from them on all Distribution Engine pages.

A team manager's view of teams they manage is also restricted. They are blocked from seeing any detailed configuration, such as team setup and distributors, and instead are able to control the day to day running of the team, with functionality such as team member toggles, weighting, caps and shift hours.



Teams and Tag Collections are now able to be migrated between environments. When migrating teams, Distribution Engine will bring all of the team configuration across and match the team members that existed on the importing org to the appropriate users on the new org.

Up to ten tag collections can be exported at a time. This will bring all tags that exist within the tag collection to the new org.


Object Sync

Allows any child objects to be updated to the same owner as an object assigned by Distribution Engine. For example, if assigning Account objects, object sync will allow you to update any opportunities and tasks related to that Account. Object sync works by creating org wide actions, which define the distribution object and the object to be synchronised. These actions also allow for filters to be created to limit which related objects will be updated.


Parallel Processing Mode

A new processing mode which separates the process of who is to be assigned a record, from the act of updating the record with the assignment. This allows for the assignment process to be run in parallel, which can provide speed improvements. This processing mode is aimed at orgs with continuous high throughput of distributions, or orgs with processes that trigger when records are updated.


Rejection replacement happens on the next assignment

Rejections for round robin distributors can now optionally replace the rejected record as the next assignment that the distributor makes, instead of waiting until the rejecting team member's turn in the round robin order.


Allow source users as team members

When distributing from users, you can now select a source user who is a member of the current team.

Note that the source user will never be distributed to a distributor where they are the source.


Ignore Availability for Round Robin, Load Balancing and Dynamic Owner

Distributors can now be configured to ignore a team member's Out of Office status and availability toggle for the Round Robin, Load Balancing and Dynamic Owner algorithms.


UI Improvements




Team List

Distributor Test

Distributors can now be tested from the Team List

Distributors List


Users are now able to launch the test, preview and recent tools for a distributor from the distributor list, as well as opening the settings page directly.

Distributors List

Team member filter

You can now see which distributors utilize team member filters through a new column on the Distributor list.


Campaign filter

Selecting campaigns for the filter in a distributor now opens a dialog which means you can search by active status or name to find the item you want.


Trigger field filters

For trigger distributors, the logic for field filters can now be changed.

Distributor Hours

Changing to Individual Hours copies team hours

When changing a team member's hours to individual hours, the default individual hours will now initially match the team hours, instead of being blank.

Saving Configuration

Saving in progress messages

Added 'Save in progress' messages for redesigned pages, so that it is more apparent when a save is successfully completed. A new message is also shown to confirm changes have been saved successfully on the team and distributor settings pages.





Inline Page

Custom Object Support

Resolved an issue that was blocking the inline page from working with custom objects

Weighting & Caps

Weighting shows as enabled where not available

The distributor level settings for weightings and caps no longer show weighting as enabled for distributors not eligible for weighting.


Time calculation rounding

Updated the calculation that is used to determine the time since distribution as part of evaluating SLAs so that it no longer rounds up to the next minute if it is over 30 seconds.


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