Lead Auto-Conversion - Introduction

The Distribution Engine Classifier provides the capability to automatically convert incoming Leads into Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities, as if they have been converted using the manual Salesforce convert action. This conversion can be universal, or a series of rules can be created to define different actions depending on the Lead.

Auto-Conversion can be used in combination with the Classifier's Lead Matching functionality, to only convert records based on whether they have or have not got matched Accounts, Contacts or Leads. In addition to converting, where Leads are matched to other Leads, the Classifier can perform a de-duplication process, removing the duplicate Leads.

Auto-conversion can be used by customers who don't work with Leads and instead work with Opportunities, but can also be used to ensure that any Leads that relate to existing Accounts are dealt with under the existing Account object.

For more information on configuration auto-conversion, start here.

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Lead De-Duplication