Distribution Engine Aborted

The Distribution Engine runs a Salesforce job to monitor your queues. If the job has stopped you will see an error on Distribution Console and Distribution Settings tabs.

Some reasons for the scheduler aborting are:

  • Query timeout - if you have many Leads / Case in your queues. Salesforce can timeout when it tries to query your queues. We recommend keeping the number of records in queues to below 1,000 records to avoid this issue.
  • Apex CPU limit exceeded - if you have a high volume of leads / cases in the queue and you are making use of the Distribution tagging then its possible you can reach the limit of the CPU time Salesforce allows. Distribution Engine will then stop and health checker will restart. If you hit this issue repeatedly we can adjust the settings to remain within limits.
  • Salesforce maintenance - scheduled maintenance periods or unscheduled fixes Salesforce can block scheduled jobs. The Distribution Engine scheduler will stop running and health checker will automatically restart once the maintenance is over. This is normally out of hours. 
  • Errors - some errors can cause the Distribution Engine to abort. For example if you delete a field being used by Distribution Engine or your triggers throw exceptions while DE is trying to assign.

How to resolve - next steps

There is no single solution to these problems. If you are having issues please contact [email protected] and we'll be happy to look into what's causing the issues. 

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