Uploading tags via dataloader

For some customers the tag assignment UI is very slow for making large numbers of changes to tag assignment. This article describes a workaround - using dataloader to update the config directly without going via the UI. Please be aware of the following:

  1. This is only suitable for advanced admins who already understand databases, dataloader and the concepts around reference IDs.
  2. Our support team cannot support you with this approach. The UI is the best option in most situations, it prevents mistakes and is the only officially supported approach.
  3. The config will change over time, so this approach may not always be available in future.
  4.  This approach bypasses the UI so the audit history of tag assignments will not be created.

Creating tags

Its still best to create the Tag collections and tags using the UI. If this is onerous there is the option of generating tags from picklists which can be a shortcut.

Assigning tags

  • The approach is to upload records of the n2de__Tag_User__c object. Which is a junction object linking the tag (n2de__Tag_Value__c) and the user (n2de__User__c). So you'll first need to know the tags and their IDs, and the users and their IDs. 
  • Using dataloader export the Tag namevalues from the n2de__Tag_Value__c object and get the UserIds from the User object
  • Create your CSV file with columns of n2de__Tag_Value__c and n2de__User__c and upload. 
  • You should be able to see the assigned tags on the Distribution Tags page of DE.

Data Model

Tag collections / tags and tag assignments are currently held as custom object records. *This may change in future.

n2de__Tag_Category__c (A tag collection)

  • Name - the name of the tag collection


n2de__Tag_Value__c (A tag)

  • Name - the name of the tag. 
  • n2de__Tag_Category__c - the tag collection ID. Which collection this tag belongs to.


n2de__Tag_User__c (Junction object for assigning tags. Links tag with user)

  • Name - ignore, just a record ID.
  • n2de__Tag_Value__c - ID of the  tag
  • n2de__User__c - ID of the user


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