Once the Classifier has been configured for Territories, Lead Matching, Auto-Conversion or Custom Classification and has been enabled, it will begin matching on all newly created records. If you are assigning or reassigning older records, you will want to run the backfill wizard so that these records are processed. Backfills are done by Object, and when backfilling Leads, you will be able to perform Territory, Lead Matching, Auto-Conversion or Custom Classification backfills in one action.

Backfill for auto-conversion can result in significant changes to your org. Please ensure that your auto-conversion configuration is correct before running.


Running the Wizard

The backfill wizard is accessed by going to the Distribution Classifier tab and clicking on Backfill under Advanced.




To launch the backfill, click the Backfill Records button. You will be given the option of choosing which object to backfill, from all objects currently configured for classification.



On the next step, you select which classification the backfill should perform. For most objects, this will be Territories or Custom Classification only, but for Leads, this will allow you to select any of the available classification types.


If Custom classification was selected then the next step is to choose which stamp groups you want to evaluate.

Next you choose how to select the records to process. Here you can choose a number of different predefined criteria, and then can fine-tune it on the next step. If you select All records you will skip straight to the summary.


The backfill wizard allows you to add or amend the filter criteria so that only those that match the filter will be processed.


Once your options are set, you will see a summary of what will happen including the number of records that will be processed. You can optionally choose to receive an email on completion of the backfill.


Clicking finish will start the backfill processing, which is carried out using Salesforce batch jobs, and there is a message on the page that informs you that it is in progress.              



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