Classifier Lead Matching Setup

The classifier tab contains the Distribution Engine lead matching settings. Once you've got your duplicate rule setup, you can start enabling the various lead matching options in the classifier.

Classifier Settings


  1. You will not have the ability to enable lead matching until you have setup at least one lead duplicate rule and enabled one lead-to-xx lead matching classifier (2).
  2. You can setup matching for lead-to-account, lead-to-contact, and lead-to-lead.
    • These will need to be configured and enabled individually.
    • This can be done by clicking the "Settings" link to the right or the "Lead-to-xx" option on the left.
  3. You can add an optional delay to record processing. This is done by setting a filter on a field value. For example, you may want to wait to process records until your data enhancement and validation tools have been able to update them.
    • The delay processing filter will be applied for both lead matching, auto-conversion and Lead territory classifying. 


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